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About Us

Working with discretionary capital or on behalf of clients, over the past two decades in New York City PVP, managed by Thomas Pennell, has led dozens of transactions – making venture capital investments as well as sourcing, closing and leading the post-closing integration of 10 acquisitions.

PVP-led acquisitions have been of software companies and services companies both in the United States and abroad.  After consummating a transaction, PVP commonly has continued to support the portfolio company or client for many years either as a board member or de facto integration director.  Through this experience PVP formed the processes, expertise and business judgment that it applies on behalf of its clients and acquisitions today.

Thomas Pennell | Managing Partner


Thomas Pennell
Thomas, a native New Yorker who with his family now calls Boulder “home”, has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from NYU.  When not engaged at business Thomas, who has two young children, co-captains an amateur cycling team that secured more than 30 wins in 2013 and 2014 and can often be found riding his bike or telemarking in the mountains after our heavy snow falls.

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